About us

About us

Two Belgians with an opinion about living differently.
We value nature, rest, authenticity, locality; pure, tasty, beautiful.

Lisette Truyen (°1961) dietitian
Has been running the health shop ’t Lauriertje in Neeroeteren ( Belgium) for 35 years.
Her passions are walking, cycling, gardening, interior design, music, photography, healthy living

Rob Geraerts (°1961) maître-sommelier, world-winemaster
Was the manager of Pasquallino, an innovative wine importing business in Belgium.
His passions are walking, cycling, gardening, cooking, wine, reading and music.

Living our dream
We got married in 1984 and are still happy together.
Because we don’t have children, our ever-present dream to move to the south was more attainable than it normally would be.
Our passions made us dream of a beautiful B&B in a Mediterranean climate.
Looking for good wines, we crossed all of Europe. While traveling we got to know people and their habits: for example in Istria.
In this beautiful green province of Croatia there is an Italian atmosphere: no wonder we immediately felt at home there.
With a lot of gusto we started our quest for the right spot to fulfill our life’s dream.
In 2014 we found our dream site.

  • 4 acres in size
  • a south-oriented slope, at 270 metres height
  • a wonderful 180 degree view of the valley, with romantic villages, nature and the sea
  • untreated fertile limestone-clay soil: perfect for garden and vegetable patch.

100 old olive trees are scattered across the site, and now this already is, without any design, a unique flower meadow with more than one hundred different flowers and grasses.
Quiet and peaceful, without being isolated. We fell in love with the spot there and then!
Building plans were made and the young, dynamic Belgian architect team contourarchitecten (www.contourarchitecten.be) developed the plans and supervises the execution of the Istrian building company ‘ Trio Engineering’.
The story is up and running and makes for an interesting Belgium – Croatia: the speed of planning and organising is Belgian, the execution is Croatian and will take place…today, tomorrow or next month. Fortunately we are Croatia – minded and we try to adapt to the local rhythm: ‘hurry slowly’. You can follow the progress of the building process via our newslink.

Further on this website you can gradually discover what can be expected. Pictures in 3D present an image of what the house will look like. We quietly pursue our life’s dream. Hopefully in 2021 we can let you come and enjoy this little paradise in Istria.

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Lisette & Rob